When Hotel Logistics don’t go to Plan


For any new or renovating hotel project, having your FF&E and OS&E items in the right place at the right time is essential for the success of your project and keeping to your all-important time frame. This means your project manager or move management provider need to know all the ins and outs of logistics.

With any hotel project that doesn’t go to plan, logistics are usually the culprit. The items were damaged upon arrival, they were delayed by an extra few weeks, they weren’t installed correctly. The list is endless and only results in you having to go over budget trying to limit the damage.

So what are the reasons logistics might go wrong in a hotel project?

Unrealistic budgeting

No matter what the project is, finding the most cost-effective solution is usually top of our priorities. But this can often be the downfall for a smooth logistics process. Your logistics and delivery solution may come with a low price tag, but this doesn’t mean it won’t cost you more in the long run.

Unfortunately, there can never be guarantee’s when it comes to logistics, so no matter who your provider is, there is always the potential for delays or early shipments. The solution isn’t trying to find a provider who promises these won’t happen but instead trying to find a provider who has the facilities and experience to minimise the disruption these problems can cause. For example, HIL have a purpose-built warehouse to store items prior to installation, so any early deliveries have a safe, secure location to wait in, all included in the price.

Be aware of terms such as “prepay and add” or “shipping included” which can indicate unnecessary and hidden freight costs but still cannot guarantee expert or timely deliveries.

Underestimating shipping complexity

Make no mistake, shipping a small item for your home is a world away from shipping large, potentially fragile, potentially sensitive equipment across the country, or in some cases internationally.

The tendency to underestimate shipping complexity is a common reason for why logistics can often go wrong. Your provider should be able to give you a timeframe which accounts for the complexities of shipment, whilst also including contingencies if anything was to be delayed.

An additional problem that can occur with complex shipments is the failure to have the right technicians and experts on hand for installation once your items have been delivered. If this happens to you, you’ll be left with the added cost of finding someone trained to install your items.

Unrealistic expectations of staff

It can be easy to expect your provider to know exactly how to install your items upon delivery or know how to get your items to the correct location on schedule. But if you haven’t selected a complete turn-key provider, then often these expectations are simply unrealistic. By hiring a FF&E and OS&E provider who can offer you full project management, like HIL, you can be sure that expectations are being managed.

So what should you look for in a hotel logistics provider?

Choosing the right logistics provider for your new or renovating hotel project can take a massive weight off your shoulders, so here’s what you should look for:

Warehousing solution – a solution to most logistics failures is having a warehouse ready to store items for as long as required. This allows for a full inspection upon delivery to ensure no items are damaged so that when it’s installation time, you’re ready to go. Check out our warehouse and storage solutions here.

Expertise is a no-brainer. Look for a provider who has been in the hotel logistics game for a while, so you know they’ve encountered many a logistics problem before, and consequently, know how to problem solve when they do occur.

Your provider should be honest and open about costs rather than sneaking in extra costs which you didn’t initially agree to. If you get sucked in by undercut prices you can expect to be hit with a larger bill by the end of the project.

Contact HIL on 01708 342644 to organise the move management for your new or renovating hotel project, or read up on our previous blog on the top qualities you should look for in a logistics provider.