2019 FF&E Trends for Midscale Hotels

In previous years, midscale hotels haven’t exactly captured the imagination of the public. Often concerned with only the basics, hotels in this segment are often considered standard (translation: boring) in every way. But it looks like the tides have started to turn. With competition for lodging guests increasing rapidly in this market, midscale hotels are now doing what they have to stand out from the crowd. So what 2019 FF&E trends have dominated in this hotel segment?

Open spaces

Wide-open spaces are trending in just about every hotel sector. There was once a time where nothing would be happening in the hotel lobby, but not that’s where guests want to be spending their time.

An open space allows for fluid ‘mix and match’ styling which can be adapted as and when. This is great for midscale hotels who can easily rearrange a space with minimal disruption to guests. But it is also preferred by modern guests who often seek out a public, collaborative working space. Open guest areas also offer like-minded individuals to connect in periods where they’re not working, making it a total win for midscale hotels.

Catering to Millenials

The Millenial generation is leaving a mark on just about everything, including on FF&E trends for midscale hotels. When it comes to aesthetic, midscales have been choosing to incorporate more youthful designs with vibrant colours and light finishes. Contemporary furniture is also more popular than ever, demonstrating the desire to accommodate for this new age of travellers.

And the Millenial generation aren’t just driving aesthetic changes. They are also the demand behind the rapid increase in investment for hotel technology. We all want to be connected, but many Millenial travellers rely on Wi-Fi and cloud access to be able to do their job, so ensuring there are enough power sockets and a great internet connection is huge in midscale hotels.

Local immersion

Guests are travelling for a reason, so bringing a flavour of local life into the hotel has been a distinct 2019 FF&E trend for midscale hotels. When guests are travelling, they want an experience that they can go back and share stories about, regardless of whether it was a work or play trip. This is still true for those opting for midscale hotels in order to save money. Thus, midscale hotels have been taking advantage of the local communities and showcasing the artwork of local artists to give the new age of travellers what they want.

Hotels have been showcasing everything from artworks, to murals, to wallcoverings in addition to supplying community maps and lists for local amenities and attractions.

Healthy hotels

The last but by no means least 2019 FF&E trend for midscale hotels is that of healthy hotels. Health and wellbeing has taken the world by storm, and although some might see it as a fad, it may actually be a trend that’s here to stay. Of course, ensuring the hotel has a well-equipped, accessible gym is important for the health-conscious, but it is also important for the ordinary traveller who is using their time away productively.

Midscale hotels are going beyond just offering a high-quality gym, and also including healthy options on the menu, with an increased focus on vegan options.

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