5 Qualities of a Great Hotel Logistics Provider

If you’re part of a new or renovating hotel project you’ve probably reached the stage of having to choose which hotel logistics provider to go with. Hotel renovations aren’t easy at the best of times, so how can you be sure the provider you go with is able to anticipate the potential complexities? And more importantly, how can you be sure they can problem-solve effectively and efficiently? To ensure you get the best provider for the job we’ve put together a list of the top qualities you should look out for in a great hotel logistics company.


A great logistics team are always forward-thinking. Logistic projects require a plan, and that plan requires vision. They should be able to anticipate the needs of the project, the potential obstacles and the potential dependencies a long the way. Of course, some circumstances are unpredictable, but an expert logistics provider will have experience with dealing with such curveballs and be adaptable as and when they arise.

Great communication

The foundations of any logistics service are primarily built on communication. Between other providers as well as with you the client. An expert company will emphasise its excellent communication skills, understanding the importance of keeping you in the loop at all stages of the process.

Team effort

A great logistics service are comprised of team players. There’ll be complete transparency within the team and with you the client. They’ll make sure you’re aware of the involvement of all team members to ensure both the smooth running of the operation, as well as to minimise the potential for any errors to occur.


There is no one size fits all solution for a hotel logistics project, and a logistics provider shouldn’t treat yours as such. You should expect a tailor-made plan specific to your requirements, and your provider should demonstrate the willingness to expand and accommodate any changes as they arise.

Similarly, the best kinds of logistic companies will not lay out a flat-rate for all concepts. The rates you’re charged should reflect your specific needs and challenges.

Attentive to detail

The small details are what will separate your project from a ‘job-half-done’ to an excellently executed operation. And we know which category you’d rather fall in. There’s an immense number of details which need to be considered and an inexperienced logistics provider is more likely to overlook these. Your provider should draw attention to their ability to manage all aspects of the project, down to the tiny details.

If you’ve got a new or renovating hotel logistics project coming up, get in touch with HIL to find out how we can manage the planning, logistics, delivery and installation of your FF&E and OS&E items.