Case Study: Landmark Hotel Move

The Client

The Landmark Hotel in Westminister is an oasis of luxury set in the heart of London. Considered a perfect retreat away from the vibrancy of the city, this luxury 5-star hotel offers a perfect haven of serenity for those for all.

The Brief

Hotel Interior Logistics were enlisted to remove 59 beds from the luxury hotel so that space could be used for a Toy Trade Fair held annually at The Landmark. The beds needed to be stored off-site in a safe, secure, clean and dry location for 1 week, before being returned to the hotel promptly after the event had finished.  HIL has been enlisted with this exercise for the past 3 years.

The Solution

In order to cause minimum business disturbance to the hotel, the beds were removed at the last possible minute to keep the rooms profitable for as long as possible. The timing was of the essence during this process as the disassembly of the beds couldn’t take place until the rooms were vacated after the guests had checked out. This task had to be carried out as efficiently as possible to avoid disrupting the serene atmosphere that the hotel is so well-renowned for.

As we are a relocation company and moving furniture is what we do best, we recognise the need for items to have effective protection when being transported. Therefore, the mattresses were bagged for protection, and the base units were blanket wrapped for transport in the vehicles. 

The beds were kept secure and above all else, clean and dry, for the week-long duration in our purpose-built warehouse which also features 24-hour security for maximum peace of mind. Once the event had finished, the beds needed to be returned to the hotel for 10 am, after which we began reassembling and reinstalling the furniture in the appropriate rooms, avoiding disturbance to other guests, to commence reassembly whilst avoiding guest disturbance. 

This is another example of how Hotel Interior Logistics are able to keep major institutions running by providing ‘behind the scenes’ infrastructure support. We have a well-deserved reputation for turning around jobs very quickly and being able to work to extremely tight deadlines. We operate with maximum efficiency ensuring minimal disruption to the business.

Our service portfolio ranges from furniture installation all the way through to full project management. We specialise in the management and implementation of turnkey logistics for Hotels, FF&E and OS&E suppliers, leading procurement agents and restaurant and shop owners.With supply chain solutions including movements by rail, road, sea and air, we provide a comprehensive and innovative approach to your supply chain needs with reliable services, attention to detail and project management with time sensitivity.
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