69% of Brits to ‘staycay’ this summer

According to new research by Travelodge, 2019 is set to be the strongest year for holidaying at home as around 69% of Brits are looking to take their annual summer holiday in the UK.

The new research revealed that the number of people planning a staycation this year compared to 2018, was up 12% with the average holiday lasting eight days.

Since the annual Travelodge holiday index began in 2011, British holidaymakers have spent a little extra year on year on their summer holiday. The average spend now totals £874, compared to £399.20 when the index was first conducted 8 years ago. It’s estimated that collectively the increase in staycations will boost the UK economy by £40bn.

Surveying 1,500 British adults on their summer holiday plans, the annual Travelodge holiday index revealed 58% of adults have opted to holiday ‘at home’ due to Brexit uncertainties. It’s because of these uncertainties Brits have decided to support UK tourism and the economy. The report also revealed that more Britons are seeking value from their holiday time. This year, 45% of British holidaymakers are taking a three-location staycation, including a beach, rural and city stopover as part of their eight-day holiday.

Unsurprisingly, a beach trip was found to be the most popular destination, as 45% of Brits flock to the coast this summer. For the fifth consecutive year, Cornwall remains at the top of the list as the nation’s top holiday destination. Following behind in second place, Blackpool is rising up the ranks from the 15th position in 2018. Devon has slipped to the third position, after holding onto the number two position for several years.

For 29% of the public, UK city breaks are the most popular type of holidays. London took the number one spot, followed by Bath and Birmingham in second and third.

Taking the third most popular type of summer staycation, the British countryside is preferred by almost a quarter (24%) of adults who are taking a rural break this summer. The Lake District, North Wales and the Cotswolds are the key destinations.

Travelodge spokeswoman, Shakila Ahmed said: “Our annual holiday index reveals that we have become a mighty Staycation Nation and are doing our bit for the economy. With over 560 hotels across the length and breadth of the UK, we are also seeing a growing trend in Britons taking multi-location holidays and more short breaks.”